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Company Profile

Warrants of appointments certificate from BARC Certifacate from Mumbai Fire Brigade

A Colourful History into the Present 

Noble Paints Pvt. Ltd. was established in 1934 by the Late Mr. Jal Jamshedji in Bombay. It was one of the first Indian paint manufacturers and is one of the Nation’s oldest.

In these 71 years, it has been witness to the Depression, World War II, the freedom struggle, the Nation’s  Independence, the first Indian President and Prime Minister, their successors, war with neighbouring countries and the peace thereafter.

But Noble has not been a mute spectator as history unfolded. Soon after its inception in 1934, Noble had hardly gotten off the ground, when the world was plunged into the Second World War and the Company had an opportunity to show its mettle.

Production was stepped up for the war effort and supplies were made to the defence forces of Britain. Then came Independence for India and with the cessation of imports in paints, Noble became a pioneering first large Indian paint company with indigenous manufactory. Again, with the outbreak of war with China and Pakistan, the Company took up the challenge of manufacturing specialized coatings and paint for the ordinance factories. For these efforts, Noble received ample appreciation from the Presidents of India.

Presidential Appreciation 

Noble Paints has received three Warrants of Appointment by Presidents of India for service to the Nation.

The Noble Ambassador

Noble Paints has earned the Nation valuable foreign exchange and is a recipient of awards for its exports to the middle East and the former USSR.

Innovation: A Noble Hallmark

Innovation and product development have always been the mainstay of Noble Paints. Besides the numerous products developed for the Armed Forces, Noble was the first to develop a Universal Basic Stainer (UBS) which could be used to thin water based as well as solvent-based paints.

Noble developed numerous specialized coatings for the Nation’s Nuclear Power Stations and the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre for which its efforts were appreciated by Dr. H. N. Sethna, Ex-Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission and ex-Secretary of the Department of Atomic Energy.

The Nation’s first fire-retardant coating ‘Fyretard’ was developed for the Navy and commercial use by Noble. More recently, the first Indian Intumescent coating ‘FyrePruffe’ was developed to match similar imported coatings.