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The very thought of fire grips the mind with fear and panic. Overwhelming heat, suffocating smoke, loss of property, and above all else, the loss of life. The insurance company may be able to replace the material goods, but there are some things that money simply cannot replace – lives, lost time and items of sentimental value.Fire strikes when least expected. It can start just about anywhere without warning, taking one by surprise and causing panic.

Fire is a serious treat in our everyday lives – in our homes, the work place and even when we travel. On the other hand, paint is used everywhere, to decorate and to protect against the elements and corrosion. However, regular paints are flammable and help in the spread of a fire even on a non-flammable surface such as steel. Further, fire weakens a structure and can lead to its collapse. Thus the need arises for sophisticated fire-retardant coatings to prevent the spread of fire and to protect the structure from permanent damage.

organisations are rapidly realising the importance of fire-retarding paints. To cater to this demand, Noble Paints offers ‘Fyretard’ fire-retardant paint and ‘FyrePruffe’ intumescent coating – two immensely effective coatings that provide the ultimate in fire protection to industries, corporate houses, residences, institutions, etc.




Noble Paints was commissioned by the Indian Navy in 1975 to paint its
indigenously built frigates, the result – ‘Fyretard’, India’s first
fire-retardant paint. 

As the name suggests, it is a fire-retarding paint. It consists of 
a non-flammable base and special additives. Unlike normal paints 
which are flammable and aid in the spread of fire, Fyretard prevents
the spread and localizes the fire giving you time to seek help.
A small fire is easier to fight than an out-of-control blaze and 
the physical and financial damage done is far less. 

On metal, normal paint tends to burst into flames even if not subjected to a flame directly. This is because the intense heat conducted through the metal is sufficient to ignite the paint and combust spontaneously.

On masonry, normal coatings catch fire and act as fuel. Thus, although concrete does not burn, the paint applied to it does, aiding the spread of fire.

On wood, which catches fire easily, Fyretard does not allow the flames to spread. When subjected to a fire, Fyretard forms a barrier between the flame and the wood. Even after prolonged exposure to a fire, the Fyretard coating is not destroyed and continues to shield the wood substrate thereby reducing the spread of fire.







‘FyrePruffe’ from Noble Paints is an intumescent fire-retardant paint that not only retards the spread of fire, it also insulates the substrate from the intense heat of a fire. This coating dries quickly to a flat matt finish having the appearance of a conventional matt finish paint. On contact with fire or excessive heat, the paint puffs up (intumesces), forming a thick, sponge-like cellular foam layer over 100 times thicker than the original paint film. This foam layer insulates the substrate from the heat of the flame, thus retarding flame spread and delaying structural failure.

Fyrepruffe is a highly specialised paint developed using imported technology and raw materials. It is meant for use on any substrate which must maintain its structural integrity in the event of a fire, such as structural steel, load bearing walls/columns, etc.

Depending on the substrate dimensions and the thickness of the paint applied, one-hour and two-hour fire ratings can be achieved using Noble’s ‘FyrePruffe’ intumescent coating.




FYRETARD’ and ‘Fyrepruffe’ have numerous applications in defence, industrial, commercial, education and residential complexes





Electrical Cabins

Often the source of a fire, this area should be painted with either Fyretard or Fyrepruffe.



The most frequent source of a fire in any hotel, restaurant or residence. The walls, doors and even kitchen counters should be protected against the spread of fire.

False ceiling


The topside of a false ceiling is very susceptible to a fire, since it is in close proximity to the electrical wiring and ducting which it conceals. A short - circuit above the false ceiling is not detected until the fire has spread considerably.



In the event of a fire, evacuation is of paramount importance. Painting the stairwells with ‘Fyretard’ ensures a safe avenue for evacuation.


‘Fyretard’ or Intumescent paint increases the fire-rating of a fire door and even normal doors painted with these coatings help in containing a fire, preventing it from spreading to the adjacent area.  

Lift / Equipment Rooms

Any room that has mechanical and electrical installations is at risk from a fire and must be protected.  

Structural Steel


In the event of a fire, steel loses its structural strength and the building collapses. FyrePruffe insulates the steel and delays structural failure by up to two hours.  

Concrete Columns


As with structural steel, concrete columns must also be protected from the heat of a fire.

Ship bulkheads  

To prevent a fire from spreading
between sections.

Railway vestibules  


To prevent transfer of fire from one rake to another.  



Safe deposit vaults/lockers  


Due to the insulating properties of FyrePruffe, it will protect the contents from the intense heat of a fire.

Safes/Document cabinets  





Computer/Server rooms  



Telecom switching stations  








  • Fire-Retardant Productline 

  • ‘Fyretard AAAA’ Finishing Paint: Can be used on any surface after using the appropriate primer. It dries quickly to an aesthetically pleasing pearl-lustre finish. The coating has a long life and the fire-retardant property lasts for the life of the coating

  • ‘Fyreprime AAAA’ Wood Primer: A fire-retardant primer for use on wood, plywood, particleboard, etc. It also contains an active insecticide thereby eliminating the use of a separate wood preservative or anti-termite coating.

  • ‘Fyreprime AAAA’ Masonry Primer: A fire-retardant primer for use on concrete, gypsum board, 
    POP, etc.

  •  ‘Fyreprime’ Zinc Chromate Primer: This fire-retardant primer is meant for use on metal surfaces. It provides superior anti-corrosive properties and was originally developed for use on Naval ships. It conforms to Defence specification.

  • ‘Fyrelac’ Fire-Retarding Clear Lacquer: For discriminating interior decorators, Noble offers a fire-retardant clear lacquer for use on wood, without depriving it of its natural beauty. It can also be used on stiff fabrics to reduce their flammability. It is available in a glossy as well as semi-glossy finish.

  • ‘Fyretard Wood Filler’: This is a fire-retardant putty for use on wood, to fill minor cracks and crevices. It’s application is easy and can be sanded to get a smooth finish.

  • ‘FyrePruffe’ Intumescent Coating: Can be applied on most surfaces (wood, concrete, FRP, etc.) without a primer and on metal after application of ‘Fyreprime’ Zinc Chrome Primer. It has a long life and the intumescent property lasts for the life of the coating without deterioration.